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A Law Firm Serving Hopkins County Since 2007

Our firm, founded in 2007, has proudly offered a variety of high-quality legal services to the residents of Hopkins County for over 11 years.

Efficient Resolutions To Legal Issues
We work to efficiently resolve your legal problems.
Helping Kentucky’s Injured Victims
We will fight for compensation after an injury or disability.
Defending Your Constitutional Rights
A strong criminal defense is your right. We can help.

A Firm Dedicated To Efficiency And Understanding

When attorney Thomas Springer founded Springer Law Firm, his only goal was to provide the residents of Hopkins County and the surrounding areas with the highest-quality legal services possible, delivered with efficiency and understanding. Today, after a career spanning 16 years, he offers benefits that come with experience to those with needs in the following areas:

  • Personal injury
  • Workers’ compensation, including Black Lung and Cumulative Trauma
  • Social Security Disability
  • Criminal defense
  • Business law
  • Real estate
  • Wills
  • Collections

You can put your trust in our knowledgeable attorney. If you would like to discover why so many in the region turn to us for assistance, you can do so by calling 270-875-4381 or emailing us to schedule your initial consultation at our Madisonville law office.

Protecting Your Rights After An Injury Or Disability

Our lawyer understands the tolls injuries and disabilities can take on individuals and families. He also understands that those tolls are not only physical but also financial and emotional. This understanding is why he will work with you to help you obtain the compensation or benefits you need in cases related to personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability.

Your Ally During Criminal Proceedings

If you face a criminal charge, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side, and at our law firm, you will have just that. In addition to building a strong criminal defense strategy tailored to fit your unique needs, you will also have a lawyer who will serve as your ally throughout your criminal proceedings. Regardless of the charge you face, you can turn to our attorney, Thomas Springer.

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